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Woodie Gochild (우디 고차일드) is a South Korean solo rapper, Hip-Hop, R&B singer who debuted in 2017.

He made a name on the popular TV program “Show Me The Money 6″.

He is recognized as one of the most unique rappers with his trendy fashionable style.

He also be loved from fans for his positive mind and adorable character.

Music Videos

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Birth Name곽우재
Kwak Woo-jae
Birth DateApril 2, 1996
AgencyH1ghr Music
CEO: Jay Park
Birthplace경상남도 진해시
Jinhae-gu, South Korea
Jinhae High School
Blood TypeB



Let’s Get It!

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  • 1996.4.2 Born in Jinhae-gu, South Korea, the southernmost seaside town.

  • 2015? Graduate Jinhae Highschool.
    When he was a student, his dream was a R&B vocalist.

  • 2016? Come To Seoul and start to work at the Club “SECRET SOCIETY” in Hongdae, and start his Hip-hop carrier with YTC4LF clew.

  • 2017.6~ Appears in “Show me the money 6”

  • 2017.10? Contract with H1ghr Music

  • 2017.12 Debut with “Let’s Get iIt”

Yes Imma Woodie Gochild

PA PA PA Brrrrrrr

Look where I’m going right now.

Positive Bounce

As a fashion icon.

Woodie Gochild is not only a musician, but also a symbol of cutting-edge Hip-Hop fashion based in Hongdae, a youth and foreign travelers town in Seoul. His unique sense of fashion is always eye-catching and exciting.

Look his styles

A special child from space

Woodie Gochild’s name comes from the Indigo-Child and his real name, Woo-jae Woo. Indigo-Child is said a person who leads people to a higher level with his/her special abilities. He says he wants to be like that kind of artist.

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